Welcome! I'm Tera Greene*, Intuitive Health Coach, Award-Winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert... Allow me to introduce myself!



Click to learn more about my services as a Health Coach!
Click to learn more about my services as a Health Coach!
“Supportive, intuitive, reassuring and confident are just some of the qualities you’ll get to experience when working with Tera. Time with Tera is time well spent!”
~Sherry, Spring Valley, NY                       
“Tera had such a positive spirit. She made me feel comfortable and it felt as if I’d known her for years.
She was very organized and had a great plan as to how shecould assist me in the areas that I truly needed assistance.”
~Deidra, Fort Washington, MD 
“Woozers!! This woman is good. She made me feel so comfortable and created a atmosphere so fun and enjoyable, I naturally opened up to her. I would highly reccomend doing a health history with her. I felt like she was really “listening” and I felt she was really taking it in.. She is going to be an amazing health coach I cant wait to see where her journey takes her! You Rock Tera!!”
Jade, Orange County, CA 
“I was instantly at ease with Tera. She has a phenomenal presence and genuinely knows her health stuff.
But it is also evident to me that she not only knows about health, she authentically lives it!”
~Russell, Chicago, IL  
“Tera is very easy to talk to, and has great insight and intuition.
Very professional, and yet created a very comfortable environment to open up in.”
Lynell, Arlington Heights, IL                   

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Looking to get happier and healthier, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE?
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4 Responses

  1. Tony Milano says:

    Beautiful Tera!!!!!!! Big Love Go!!!!!! YES!!!!

    Let’s Make You A Rad Custom One Of A Kind Original….Just LIKE YOU!!!


  2. DJ Leanne says:

    So fabulous to meet you!!! Big fan already! Much musical love and light! ;) Leanne

    • admin says:

      LOL! What’s up!?! I literally am just about to write a new blog centered around DJ Success Tips, and there you pop up, Leanne!

      Nice timing. I’m thankful we are connected!
      Thanks for stopping in, DJ Leanne!
      *BIG HUG*!

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